The production facilities have an efficient quality assurance system which ensures that the products are manufactured effectively, safely and in compliance with the quality standards. It is maintained that CGMP regulations are followed in every step of the production process from starting materials to finished products.


The effectiveness of the Quality Assurance system of the production plant which has also ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification was testified through quality certification by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Jordan FDA, Ethiopia DACA and Nigeria NAFDAC and also cGMP certificate given in 2012 by the German Health Authority.


Production plant of Drogsan Pharmaceuticals is visited by many domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and iauthorities from different countries where licensing process in partnerships are built for new businesses.


Drogsan displays a powerful quality image by means of quality certificates taken and costumer-focused quality understanding


All suppliers are evaluated carefully, and materials are supplied from companies which complies Drogsan criteria and regulatory requirements.


In production site, all critical material/process flow steps and quality decisions are controlled by ERP automation system.


Drogsan has a production approach which do not give up caring environment and nature.


In the production plant which is designed by the philosophy of environment-friendly manufacturing, process wastewater is treated by chemically and biologically in accordance with the concerned regulations. Dust that may occur in the manufacturing areas is collected, filtered and disposed via central dust collection system preventing the occurrence of contaminants in the air. Also, exhaust emission measurements are done periodically.


The wastes are collected and categorised at source. The recyclable waste is taken by certified companies for recycling, and the non-recyclable waste is dispatched to companies certified by the Ministry of Environment for disposal.


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